Many patients with pain, diabetes, joint replacement, heart bypass, dialysis, stroke and other physical restrictions can receive care in the comfort of their home.

Available Services from Metro Home Care Include:

Licensed Nurse:
to assess, teach and provide patient care, including: cardiopulmonary care, congestive heart failure, diabetic care, post operative care, wound/skin and ostomy care

Physical Therapist:
to aid in regaining muscle strength, joint mobility, gait and pain relief

Occupational Therapist:
to provide rehabilitation to restore self-care skills like bathing, cooking, dressing and more

Speech Therapist:
to aid in the restoration of communication skills, swallowing abilities and memory deficits

to provide nutritional counseling for patients with special dietary needs

Social Worker:
to provide information on community resources, counseling, short and long term care planning

Certified Home Health Aide:
to assist with hygiene (bathing, brushing teeth, washing hair, etc.) and other related care under the direction of a nurse